Guide to Praiano, Italy

A beautiful coastal Italian village tucked a short distance away from popular Positano, lies Praiano, Italy. I had never heard of it until my mom told me she rented a villa for the summer of 2017. It was not my first time in Italy, but my first time spending two weeks in the same place like the small town of Praiano.

When my best friend, Paige, and I arrived, my mom had already been staying in Praiano for two weeks and knew the lay of the land. She knew the bus system (a big deal for my mom if you knew her!), she had made friends with the locals at her favorite restaurants, grocery stores, and beaches. I was initially surprised at how many friends my mom had actually made, until I met them myself.

Praiano is a must visit for anyone looking to experience the Amalfi Coast, but on a more personal, small town level than you’ll get in Positano.

  1. La Moressa Italian Bistro: La Moressa was located directly below my mom’s villa and we visited at least 2-3 times per day – whether for morning coffee, afternoon cocktails, or dinner. The food is great, the view is to die for, but what sets La Moressa apart is the staff, all of whom became our family by the end of the trip. I’ve never experienced such hospitality. I highly recommend to anyone visiting Praiano or honestly anywhere in the area – it’s worth the trip!
  2. One Fire BeachLooking for a day party? Look no further than One Fire Beach. You can either take a water taxi or walk. We took the water taxi option as I hear the walk has a lot of steps – I never found out.  The staff really keeps the energy up and knows how to keep the party going. Pro tip: don’t miss melon time!
  3. Il Pirata Beach: This is the main beach we went to most days. It’s not exactly a “beach”,  but it has a lovely restaurant overlooking the ocean and they have beach chairs set up on the cement/cliff type thing. You can lay out and tan and then jump into the ocean to swim. Check my instagram for me jumping into the water! 
  4. Africana: Looking for a late night 20-somethings up til 6 am type of night? Look no further than Africana. Your typical dance club with a twist – it’s in a cave. You won’t find anything like this in NYC. It’s a must even if you just go one night, like we did, and spend the rest of your nights drinking wine on the balcony with your mom (#thisis30).


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